Top Selling Washing Machine Review 2010 The Best Sellers of 2010

Published: 24th February 2011
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Washing machine is such an important home appliance in todays day to day life that no body can think of washing clothes without this machine. There was a time when washing machine was not invented but people still managed to wash their clothes by hand but it takes a lot of human effort. But as the years are passing by more & more newer technologies are coming in to ease the human effort. When washing machine was invented many people thought that it was a luxury home appliance but their notion got wrong when people became aware of the fact that it will save a lot of time as well as the effort to be put in is minimal here as one has to only operate & nothing else to be done. There are many machines are in the market with varied features like automatic, semi-automatic,Talking etc. Many players are there who are offering exiting Washing Machines at an attractive price range so that they can maintain their hold in the existing market.

The year 2010 was very fruitful for some of the washing machine manufacturers like Whirlpool, Bosch, Samsung, Candy, Hotpoint-Ariston, Caple, Maytag, Fagor, Neff, Beko, LG, Siemens, Hoover etc. There are several models which are one of the best selling washing machines in the year 2010 such as Maytag 3RMTW4905, Whirlpool AWE6517, Whirlpool AWO D5527, Whirlpool AWO D6528, Whirlpool AWOE 9559, Whirlpool D 5727, Whirlpool E8760, Whirlpool LSQ 8033 , Whirlpool SCW 1112, Indesit IWB5113, Indesit IWC6165, Indesit IWC6145, Indesit IWC7145, Indesit IWC7168, Indesit IWE 7145, Indesit IWE 7168, Fagor FU6116iT, Fagor FU7814, Hoover HWB814, Hoover OPH614 etc. All the above models are although similar in function but there are certain distinction in their characteristic features & their product specifications which makes these products Top selling washing machine as per market review. Top selling washing machine review 2010 also focuses on the brand equity that which brand has the maximum brand equity in the UK market so that the comparative analysis can be made among all the existing brands for better review.

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